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  • 26.01.2016 um 05:30, von Joy Breitkreutz Photography:
    Had a great time with Mandee Stosky DeBresser, Justin De Bresser and their two gorgeous girls over the weekend. If you would like to see more photos of our winter adventure at Heritage Ranch check out my blog post. I had the absolute privilege of photographing a gorgeous family over the weekend at Heritage Ranch in Red Deer, Alberta. We got a pile of fresh snow the morning of, so the trees were covered in a gorgeous sprinkle of white. We also could not have asked for better weather, it was a little chilly but…
  • 25.01.2016 um 18:03, von Joy Breitkreutz Photography:
    These two are so lovely, their children are certainly blessed to have them as parents.
  • 25.01.2016 um 06:43, von Joy Breitkreutz Photography:
    Honestly could have not been blessed with a more perfect day for some family photos! Thank you again so much Mandee and Justin for asking me to take pictures of you, your whole family is so beautiful inside and out!

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